> sorry for insisting but i tried searching with google how to enter these
> characters and i came accross hep package again..i don't
> understand..

You will need to install the hep package just as you would with any
additional TeX package on your system, i.e. by downloading it from CTAN,
processing it with latex and putting the results in your texmf-folder. See
http://www.inf.ed.ac.uk/systems/tex/new-packages.html and also
http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Packages/Installing_Extra_Packages for
instructions. It may look intimidating at first, but it's really not that

Once installed, you need to reconfigure LyX and restart it -- otherwise LyX
will not know that there's a new package around.

You can then call the package in your document's preamble with
\usepackage{hep} or whatever's its name. Then, and only then, you can make
use of ERT to produce the characters you want.

> what is ERT?what exactly do i have to type in math mode in
> order to get the slashed characters??

ERT is explained in the LyX wiki (and many other very useful things are as
well), see http://wiki.lyx.org/FAQ/ERT. The basic idea is that you can enter
raw LaTeX-code anywhere in your document, an option that does come in handy
from time to time.

For example, your hep package may allow for something like, say, \coolsymbol
as a raw LaTeX-command in order to produce, well -- some cool symbol in the
PDF output. Simply enter \coolsymbol in ERT in your LyX document where you
want it (as explained by Nikos a couple minutes ago) to get the same result.

Hope this helps,
-- Christian

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