On 08/31/2009 06:22 PM, ilias andronos wrote:
sorry for insisting but i tried searching with google how to enter these
characters and i came accross hep package again..i don't
understand..what is ERT?what exactly do i have to type in math mode in
order to get the slashed characters??

Let's say a slashed "a" is entered in LaTeX as: \slasheda. (I have no idea what it really is. Presumably the hep manual will tell you.) Then in math mode, enter "\slasheda" and then a space. You'll see exactly that, but if you View>DVI ir View>PDF or whatever (and have \usepackage{hep} in your preamble), then you'll see the slashed character in the output. It's just that LyX doesn't know how to display it, so it displays the raw LaTeX.

As for ERT, this is also called "TeX Mode", and it's activated by Insert>TeX Mode. It again allows you to insert raw LaTeX into the document.


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