Hello Johannes,

Follow the instructions on:
to download the code (note that you need the code in branches/ BRANCH_1_6_X to compile LyX1.6).
Then follow the instructions on:
There are better ways to get universal binaries etc, but the instructions should give you something that works on your computer. (B.t.w. I use QT 4.4.3, I think there was a problem with the latest version. Bennet can give you details)

Good luck!

On 31 aug 2009, at 14.57, Johannes Knaus wrote:

Hello again,

My Snow Leopard DVD just arrived, so I'm starting my testing today.
My question now to the developers around:
I'm by far no developer but I successfully compiled some unix apps on my own. So I would try to build a 10.6-Lyx on my own (well slowly, as I find time). What prerequisites do I need (QT, which version?) or do you think that's by far too complicated?

BTW, I found out that there's a QT-bug within the QT from Macports which is not in the original QT, see:


Is this a hard thing to
Am 31.08.2009 um 09:56 schrieb Vincent van Ravesteijn - TNW:

I am currently testing Lyx 1.6.4 under Snow Leopard,
the official release. After about 5 minutes, a pop up
window appeared reporting that Lyx crashed. My console
report looks alot like the one in the bug report (link

Thanks for the info and confirmation of bug 6160. It will be difficult to fix this as, I guess, we don't have a developer using Snow Leopard.
So, if you have any hints, please let us know.



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