Julio Rojas wrote:
I made it with eqarray, but it "only" allows me to have 3 columns. How
did you add more columns?

Oops -- forgot about that. I'm not very consistent in what I use (I just went back and loaded some old papers to look). Sometimes I use eqnarray (which is locked into three columns), in which case I put "maximize" and "subject to" in the left column, indexing in the right column and everything else in the middle. Most times I create a display equation, then create an array with five columns, and go from there. I think I've used alignat once or twice. Seems to me there's some objection to using a plain old array, I think maybe relating to vertical space (not sure), but I'm not much concerned with aesthetics, and array is for me the easiest route.

I tried using alignat and it works ok, except for the fact that LyX
doesn't show proper alignment (only the first column is right aligned,
while all of the others are left aligned.

But it comes out right in the DVI/PDF output, which is all I worry about.

Thanks for your help.

My pleasure,

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