On 2009-09-03, Manolo Martí­nez wrote:


> I'm getting several "Math formula deleted: Insufficient symbol fonts." 
> errors every time I try to run pdflatex. The description of the error is:

> "Sorry, but I can't typeset math unless \textfont 2

> and \scriptfont 2 and \scriptscriptfont 2 have all

> the \fontdimen values needed in math symbol fonts."


> After some googling I've come to think that this has to do with my 
> having some fonts installed which supersede the order to escale some 
> other fonts. But beyond that, I do not really know where to look.

It most certainly is a font issue. Could you try if this happens 

with every math formula, 
only with sub- and superscripts, 
maybe with formulae in headings or otherwise scaled?

Does the problem go away if you choose a different font set?

Could you be more specific about your font setup?


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