Marcelo Acuña schrieb:
 In my koma-script book I
chose to have two columns.
 The tables are displayed correctly, except when
they are rotated. (I use the corresponding option,
spam column.)
 In this case they begin in one of the columns
and are partially outside the page leaving the
rest of the page in blank.
How I can solve this problem?

As I write in sec. 3.6 "Rotated Floats" in the EmbeddedObjects manual, rotated floats will _always_ be placed on their own page. Therefore the float placing options will be greyed out in the dialog when you set a float to be rotated.

Looking at your example, the float looks well placed. I cannot see that it is outside of the page. Attached is another example that works as it should.

regards Uwe

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