On 09/09/2009 06:01 AM, Matts Lindström wrote:
  When I set line spacing to 1.5 (using the settings dialog) this also
changes the line spacing of the document headings (section, subsection etc).
This looks really bad. Can I avoid this somehow?

I think so, but I'm guessing it is not trivial. Setting the line spacing just does set the line spacing, and LaTeX then uses that spacing everywhere it needs it. If you use fancy headers, you might be able to put the \singlespacing macro first in whatever you have there. If that doesn't work, or you can't use it, then I think you have to redefine whatever macro it is that prints the header to call \singlespacing first. I don't have my LaTeX Companion with me, though, to look up which macro that is.


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