Steve Litt wrote:
> This time, when inserting see and seealso records, I'm forced to use ERT
>  for  each of the curly braces or else part of the seealso text doesn't
>  show up and an erroneous page number is shown. This is a huge time sink.

The big change in 1.6.x indexing is that indexes now behave as normal text. So 
you have to use ERT whereever you would need ERT in normal text. Since |see{} 
is a LaTeX macro (just using "|" instead of "\"), ERT is not bogus at all 

The gain of this change is that you are not forced to write \"ubergro\ss but 
can simply write übergroß in all encodings. And you can directly emphasize 
entries, without the need to write \emph{my entry}.


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