Erez Yerushalmi wrote:
Hi all,

I'm writing a presentation using beamer, lyx 1.63, window...

I would like to have a handout, where some frames will be automatically
deleted (suppress frames).

What I would like to do in TEX, or internally in LyX, is the following:

\frametitle{A title bla bla bla}
*Some content. bla bla bla

Some times it works, some times it doesn't, and I get the ERROR
file does not exist:  c:/document and

Can anyone give me a hint ??

The file does not exist error probably means LaTeX blew up trying to compile the document; check Document > LaTeX log to see if there's an error message. Assuming you put <handout:0> in ERT at the very beginning of the frame title, it seems that it should work, barring a bug in Beamer.

All else failing, you might try putting the frames to be suppressed in a branch of the LyX doc, then deactivate that branch for handouts (activate for slide shows). I just ran a quick test, and it worked fine for me.


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