See the page Nr. 2 in the document ortomatem.pdf refered in the Lyx's Math 
Manual, or pages Nrs. 6, 8 and 13 in the same document;and the reference to the 
ISO 31 in the page Nr. 18 about the round brackets. All the trigonometric 
functions without brackets I suppose not only for naval military uses and not 
for my personal use.
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> Yago schrieb:
>> For example when you say,
>> (when the "sin" would not be upright, it would even mean s*i*n*1/2)
>> you don't remember the "lineal functions" (archs) in a circle that are 
>> typed with the first letter upright, like this:
>> Sin AM
> I meant upright (the opposite of italic) and not uppercase.
> Nevertheless, Bruce also described what I meant in his today's post in this 
> email thread: You are 
> using your own typesetting rules making communication with the rest of the 
> world complicted.
> The appendix of LyX's Math manual consists of a list of math typesetting 
> rules. You might at least 
> have a look at them in case you have to read math in books that are not 
> specially written for naval 
> military.
> regards Uwe

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