First I would like to congratulate the Lyx development team for this amazing
program. I am a master's degree student in mathematics and Lyx is a hand on
the wheel to create mathematical texts, specially for editing complicated
formulas, which, in bare latex, are ugly and unreadable. For instance, I
can't understand anything here:


The formula generated is very simple, yet it is not possible to see it in
this code. I have been using Lyx for two years now, and currently I am using
it to write my thesis.

As a mathematician, I frequently use the package amsthm and, as far as I
know, unfortunately, Lyx does not support this package. I need to insert
latex code (\begin{theorem}, \end{theorem} and similar) everywhere. Not that
this is too restrictive, but it would be nicer if those commands where
better integrated with Lyx. Since Lyx already provides amsmath and amssymb
packages whenever that option is chosen in Document configurations, I
believe that it should also provide amsthm with them.

Related to this subject, I found this bug report, but there isn't a



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