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I would wait until the crashes are fixed. It is true that you don't loose any work as LyX keeps on running, but the crash warnings will also keep nagging you as they appear quite often.

My own "experiments" on compiling LyX on 10.6 have failed, as I apparently have installed the wrong QT-version and cannot get rid of it (see my previous post on this). There seems to be a QT-from- Macports-Snow-Leopard incompatibility issue as well. So I'm also waiting for an "official" solution, hoping I will be rescued by the LyX-Mac developers.


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Julio Rojas <jcredbe...@gmail.com> writes:

Dear all, does LyX solve the problem with Snow Leopard?

No :(

But fortunately the problem is only an annoyance. LyX "crashes" (you get an OSX crash warning), but the app remains functional and I have not experienced any loss of work. So I would personally not shy away from the OS upgrade due to LyX fears.

Now if you are a software developer, that is another story. The 32 bit to 64 bit transition can be a bit painful!


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