David Wang wrote:

I'm using Lyx 1.6.4 on Windows XP, in which \kappa cannot be displayed.
Instead an open square is shown in place. This is true in all math modes
(inline, display and numbered). The resultant PDF, however, does show the
letter \kappa correctly. This problem does not exist in the same version of
Lyx on my office computer running Fedora Linux. Is it a bug?

Works fine here (also LyX 1.6.4 on Win XP). Is kappa the only symbol that comes up missing? Usually there are multiple symbols that do that, and the problem is typically that the required screen font is not installed. The BaKoMa fonts ship with LyX, but you can grab them from the LyX wiki (http://wiki.lyx.org/Windows/WindowsSetup, see "math fonts") if necessary.

Check C:\Program Files\Lyx16\Resources\fonts. There should be nine .ttf files. Try using the Windoze font applet to uninstall their counterparts (assuming they are already installed) and then reinstall from that directory.


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