fabio de francesco wrote:
My interest for Lyx's philosophy has been caught up by a recent article on the power of WYSIWYM. So I am a perfect newbie asking for something that could be perfectly obvious to you all.

I started by opening the tutorial and making pdf of it. I have immediately noticed that Lyx seems to arbitrarily align each line of entire pages of the document. There are pages where the text starts almost at a quarter of a page from the left.

I haven't yet understood how to solve this issue. I'd like to print the tutorial with the proper alignment formatting. Can someone help me to understand how to do that?

I wish to thank in advance anyone  who will reply.

fabio de francesco

I think you will find that left margins are wide on even-numbered pages and right margins are wide on odd-numbered pages. This is because LyX uses the book class for the tutorial, which provides extra space for binding.


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