Manoj Rajagopalan wrote:
Hi lyx-users,

I am experiencing problems with the undo feature on the SVN trunk version of LyX and I'd like to know if anyone else is experiencing something similar.

When I press Ctrl-Z, a whole bunch of changes gets undone as opposed to just the most recent one. Developers, it seems like there is some problem with the events that trigger undo-checkpointing in the code.

I am unable to reproduce this on a small file for filing a bug-report. This bug surfaces only in a large LyX file that is about to become a paper I want to submit :-(

Hello Manoj,

First 2.0 is not released yet so please report problem to the devel list only, not the user one.

I recently touched this part of the code so this is probably my doing, I'll have a look.


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