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My interest for Lyx's philosophy has been caught up by a recent article on the power of WYSIWYM. So I am a perfect newbie asking for something that could be perfectly obvious to you all.

I started by opening the tutorial and making pdf of it. I have immediately noticed that Lyx seems to arbitrarily align each line of entire pages of the document. There are pages where the text starts almost at a quarter of a page from the left.

Margins for odd and even pages are different. But print on a two-sided printer, and you'll see that the odd and even margins line up perfectly.

Two-sided printing saves paper, and look more professional too. It is possible to do this on a single-side printer too, by printing all the
odd pages first, and then print the even pages on the backsides.

If you simply find the margins too big for your taste:
Document->Settings->Page Margins
Note that more than 66 letters or so per line is not good
for readability, so you may want a bigger font to go
with wider margins:

On the other hand, if you simply want to spend
paper on a single-sided printout:
Document->Settings->Page Layout,
and uncheck "Two-sided document"

Helge Hafting

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