I'm about to write some documentation using LyX and metauml. For this
purpose i put together a metapost converter which you find temporarily
under the following URL:

1. Place the file somewhere in your LyX search-path, i.e. under
2. Add a file format for metapost in the preferences. Extension: mp
3. Add the following two converter entries in your LyX preferences:
   Metapost -> PDF (ps2pdf): $HOME/.lyx/scripts/mp2any.py $$i $$o
   Metapost -> PNG: $HOME/.lyx/scripts/mp2any.py $$i $$o
4. Apply and Save

You now may use metapost files like every other image file. For
example the following one:

I've tested the script under Mac OS X Leopard (BasicTex-2008) and under
Debian/Lenny (texlive-metapost). For the conversion from PDF to PNG you
have to make sure that "convert" (ImageMagick) is in your path.


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