I like to make text appearing on the same line in a second slide using
option uncover.

 While this is working when in enviro block, it is not in enviro
itemize: lyx then adds a new blank line and so text is not shown in
same line. (see code below)

Is this a feature, is there a rationale for having different behaviour
with same action? How can I solve that?

Thanks a lot!!!



\lyxframeend{}\lyxframe{A small problem}
{My problem is following}

I want to uncover in blue on same line
<2-> \textcolor{blue}{$\square$~ok it's working}\end{uncoverenv}%{}
\item <{3}->But on a list?

<4-> \textcolor{blue}{$\square$~it's no more on the same line...
Even if looks same on the GUI}


What should I do?



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