Big problem for me, but also for the next release of LyX:

tufte-book.layout - works well,
tufte-handout.layout doesn't work with actual release of Tufte (2009 May 17)

Please watch, Uwe, Jürgen
 & all Tufte-interested LyX-Developer & User:

While the new tufte-book.layout, created by Uwe Stöhr

- => "Tufte-book proposal … for the layout file where less ERT needs to be used" -

works well with the the actual release of tufte-latex ( the vanguard tufte-handout.layout, produced kindly by Jürgen Spitzmüller almost one year ago
does no longer work well with the actual release of tufte-handout.cls (and tufte-common.sty). There are uncountable latex errors with it and Lyx refuses to offer the pdf-latex view. Though in the the tmp dir I find one, more or less usable on my superficial look, but: without the bibliography and citations.

Am 27.10.2009, 23:58 Uhr, schrieb Uwe Stöhr in the thread "Tufte-book Layout File":
I revised Jason's layout file and the version you find here:
as "Tufte-book proposal"
will be included in the next LyX version. Can you please test it?

I did it and reported enthused success.

But when I then started to work again with my numerous tufte-handout LyX-files, produced until no: not one is processed well any more.

Obviously the LyX tufte-handout.layout is outdated!
I don't wonder about that: as I have seen, the Tufte-LateX developers have changed to put the main processing into a tufte-common.sty file (in future: -.def) and only some special cls-commands in both …book.cls and …handout.cls. But I am not able to produce a new LyX-layout for handout.

What shall I do now? Hope I can reestablish the old "depreciated" tufte-handout.cls from 2008 may (or november at the latest) to be able to run my produced and make new ones in LyX (I had backed-up the old handout.cls).

Or, given that the tufte-book.layout »will be included in the next LyX version«, may I hope that a new tufte-handout.layout will be made? Jürgen Spitzmüller produced the old one in a fly in the train …

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