Am 29.10.2009, 17:31 Uhr, schrieb Uwe Stöhr:
The next version doesn't use this layout file version but this one:

very fine!

Can you please test it out? (To get it work you need to have my tufte-book.layout file is the same folder as the tufte-handout.layout.)

Already done. Just to give you a first response:

Your new handout layout file works more or less with the original sample-handout.lyx (provided once with Jürgen's old tufte-handout.layout on

More or less, because some formatations - as »newthought«, »ALL CAPS«, »FULL CAPITAL LETTERS, and »SmallCaps« {character style (Edit->TextStyle->SmallCaps)} are marked red and partly as "undefined" in the LyX window already and appeare in normal character stile in the produced pdf.

With my self-produced LyX-files on basis of the old tufte-handout.cls and -.layout your new .layout unfortunately does not work yet, but I have to test it further with faked ones, because in the real ones I have some additions in the preamble (and special formatations within the documents) which might be excluded already in the new tufte-handout.cls (and -common.sty) and not because of your new .layout file.

The problem is, that I have to exchange everytime the files in LyX1.6/layouts and ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex/tufte-latex/ to test it, continuing with my work on my existing LyX files on basis of the old handout cls and layout. But I will try out more.

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