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Can you please test it out? (To get it work you need to have my tufte-book.layout file is the same folder as the tufte-handout.layout.)

Already done. Just to give you a first response:

Your new handout layout file works more or less with the original sample-handout.lyx (provided once with Jürgen's old tufte-handout.layout on

More or less, because some formatations - as »newthought«, »ALL CAPS«, »FULL CAPITAL LETTERS, and »SmallCaps« {character style (Edit->TextStyle->SmallCaps)} are marked red and partly as "undefined" in the LyX window already and appeare in normal character stile in the produced pdf.

This is because the new layout file is incompatible with the old one. One reason is to overcome the problems you noticed with the old version. Another one is to have one basic layout for both tufte document classes. (The handout call is basically the same as the book class with only a few changes.)

To make LyX files created with the old layout work, you need to open the LyX file with a text editor and replace
- "CharStyle:SmallCaps" with "SmallCaps"
- "CharStyle:AllCaps" with AllCaps
- "CharStyle:NewThought" with "NewThought"

All future versions of the layout file will be compatible with the current 

Btw. there is of course also an actual example file:

regards Uwe

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