Am 30.10.2009, 02:40 Uhr, schrieb Uwe Stöhr <>:
To make LyX files created with the old layout work, you need to open the LyX file with a text editor and replace
- "CharStyle:SmallCaps" with "SmallCaps"
- "CharStyle:AllCaps" with AllCaps
- "CharStyle:NewThought" with "NewThought"

Very good, I'll find a way to change it at a single blow with TextWrangler, I hope.

But that's not all. Some formatations seem not to go, e. g. the multicolumn package that I uses to insert a full-width two-colomn parbox or minipage with my contact data on the end of an article. But these are not necessary for me.

Another transfer problem:

In my immediate try, when opening an elder tufte-handout made LyX file, there are stopping errors (the pdf in LyX tmp insufficiently made); but when copying the whole content of one of these files to your new handout-sample.lyx file, it works. This would mean laborious transition work.

In case, that you get another idea for that or how to avoid it, let it know, please. If not, then I have to take the time for this work.

Tell me, if I shall send you an real file LyX file (of 2, 3 pages), made with the elder handout.cls and .layout …

regards, joachim
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