On 10/30/2009 02:17 PM, Rob Oakes wrote:
Dear Richard and other LyX Users,

I managed to solve a few of the formatting problems.  To change the
section labels from numbers to letters, I added the following to the
nih.cls file:


That solved the output problem.  Now I am trying to get the labels for
section, subsection, and subsubsection to match the LaTeX output.  I've
been able to figure it out for section:

Style Section
        LabelType             Counter
        LabelCounter          section
        LabelString           "\Alph{section}"

But I've been stumped on how to do the same thing for subsection and
subsubsection.  This still show 1.1 and 1.1.1 respectively, but only in
LyX.  The LaTeX output is correct.

Did you try just doing the same thing, more or less, in the Subsection and Subsubsection styles?

You can also do this in the counter block, e.g.:

Counter subsection
    LabelString "\Alph{section}.\alph{subsection}"

I think this may also work:

Counter subsection
    LabelString "\thesection.\alph{subsection}"

Like LaTeX.


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