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Rob Oakes schrieb:

> The standard LyX
> documentation is so good that I've found myself struggling to find other
> topics that need to be covered, other than a tremendously quick overview
> of the program and instructions on where to find the docs.

Wow, what a compliment for the docs!
I also don't know what to describe as addition to the docs. Otherwise I would 
have added it to the 
docs ;-).

But have a look at wiki.lyx.org, you find there many useful information around 
LyX and also some HowTo.

regards Uwe

The LyX documentation is indeed excellent. What I feel is still missing---and 
I have been planning to write, in fact, once I learn the basics---is a task-
oriented more or less step-by-step guide on how to write layouts file for 
(previously created) latex classes and how to extend existing classes purely 
with layouts (a topic Steve Litt has approached, but I think it could be 
extended). The "Customizing LyX" manual is great and contains lots of details 
on the various commands to be used in layouts (thanks Uwe!), but it could be 
supplemented by a chapter on "How to extend the article class [or koma-
article, etc.]." The chapter could show how to add new features to class in 
lyx only, or how to extend the latex class with new features and then create a 
layout to render those in Lyx. 



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