Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:
> rgheck <> writes:
>> A fix has been committed: disabling fork() on OSX. We don't know why
>> it suddenly stopped working, but it is a limitation of OSX itself.
> The workaround has been committed to trunk only, but since I got nobody to
> build a binary for testing nothing is happening for branch. Since the
> fix leads to a slow down when autosaving (LyX is unresponsive during
> this time) I made another patch to speedup saving. This can go to branch
> when/if there is significant testing.
> Note that the workaround would affect to 10.5 and 10.6 equally, since I
> do not know how to query OS version at run time.

OK, a binary for testing is now available here:

Please test if this fixes your problems on Snow Leopard and report back. 
Also please report whether the autosave slowdown is bearable, or any strange 
behaviour that might occur.

If the fix proves to do what it ought to (i.e., prevent the pseudo-crashes 
on autosave), we will release a patched specifically for Snow 
Leopard soon.

The binary is not such a patched 1.6.4, but rather a snapshot of the current 
1.6.5svn trunk. It should be stable, but be advised it's not "officially" 
declared stable.


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