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I am defining a layout where I need to have a few LaTeX definitions made. In LaTeX, these would be:

This is not displayed - it is required for the class (.cls) file I am using.

In the LyX layout file, I tried the following:

InsetLayout "ReportNumber"
        LyxType                 custom
        LatexType               command
        LatexName               ICSEnum
        Category                FrontMatter
        LabelString             "Publication Number"
        Align                   left
          Shape                 Slanted
          Color                 green
          Color                 green
          Size                  Small

This does correctly define the LaTeX command I need, but it is placed in the document body, not in the frontmatter (before \begin {document}) where I need it placed.

To be more clear, I meant "preamble" and not "frontmatter"

It doesn't look like there is a way to push information into the preamble from within the LyX document, unless you do it in Document- >Settings, right?

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