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> I'm currently working on a book which shows how professional and
> scientific writing can be done using purely open source tools.  
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> But are there other things that you would like to see?  

Since nobody has mentioned it ...

scientific works mostly include a lot of figures - I am finished now with my
thesis but I struggled immensely with the amount of large figures I had which
messed up most of the layout - I practivally needed to fix every position  of
the figures (lots of ERTs). The requirement that the figures should be as close
as possible to the first reference  did not help as you can imagine. At times I
was so frustrated I glanced at Word which makes this indeed easier. In fact I
think I will use Word for future work - the amount of time is just not worth the
superior look of Latex (however only text/math and a small number of figures is
a totally  different story). Moreover, scientific journal publishers mostly only
except Word files ...

So, how about a section giving tips on how to (strategically & technically)
proceed with large figures (typically exceeding the page borders but still A4)
with the requirement that they should appear close the first reference ...


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