Dear LyX-Users,

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the many fantastic ideas
that have been recommended.  The process of researching each and
thinking about how they will fit into the existing text has greatly
improved the overall outline.  It also makes me hope that it will be a
better reference for the community.

As I've been working through the suggestions, I realized that there is a
secondary question nearly as important as the first.  What types of
specific examples would be most beneficial?

As part of the book, I intend to create a number of high quality LyX
layouts and templates which make the creation of certain documents
easier.  What should these be?

As I went about responding to the first series of emails, some needs and
interests seemed to emerge.  These included:

        - Presentations and Handouts based on Sweave
        - Business and Professional Documents
        - LaTeX Document classes that make exporting to other formats
        easier.  (This might be thought of as a vanilla submission
        template.  Double spaced, bland typed, but a formatted
        bibliography using BibTeX.  When I work with Word, this is the
        type of file I exchange most frequently.)
I am also planning to include examples which demonstrate how to use LyX
as a "literate programming environment" so that statistical and other
results can be generated "on the fly" and inserted into documents.  Are
there other types of examples that you would like to see?


Rob Oakes

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