>For example, the document source initially contains
>$\Delta$x which displays as upper case delta followed
>by x. If I select the displayed delta and x and click
>on Lyx'x "Insert index entry" button, the document source
>changes to \index{\Deltax}$\Delta$x but when I try to
>generate an index I get an "undefined control sequence"
>error message.
>If I manually change the document source to
>\index{$\Delta$x}$\Delta$x there is no error message,
>and the index looks OK. Is this a legitimate way to
>proceed? If yes, does "Insert index entry" do this
>automatically in a more recent version of LyX than
>the one I'm using (which is 1.5.6)? Is there a better
>way to do this?

You can just copy the math into the index and it will generate the
correct LaTeX.

I think you've found a bug. Can you report it to
http://www.lyx.org/trac/wiki/BugTrackerHome ?


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