Hi, I would like to be able to automatically verify that mathematical
symbols and terms are not used before they are defined. One way of
doing this is to insert the math-macro in the same place in the symbol
is defined. However this has two weaknesses.
1) This means that I cannot disable the error. So I cannot quickly
draw up a draft proof without definitions of the symbols and print it.
(At the moment I have a file with all my math-macros so that if I want
to draft a proof I can just include that file).
2) This is only for symbols. It is not easy for terminology.

I already mark the place where new terms are defined so that they are
added to the index. I am thinking of writing a quick script that uses
this to determine whether the term is used before it is first defined.
Ideally, in electronic versions of the document clicking on the term
would take you back to the definition.

Are there any existing solutions to this problem?

John C. McCabe-Dansted

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