Hi John,

I use a lot both Zotero and LyX but my workflow consists in never using
bibtex files directly exported from Zotero. Instead (for several reasons and
not because of the problems you mention) I always export from Zotero to
BibDesk (an application similar to JabRef, but only available for Mac OS X)
and then I use from LyX the .bib file generated by BibDesk. This always
works very well.

So, I could only try to give you the following 2 different suggestions:

1) 1st suggested solution: export from Zotero to JabRef and then use the
JabRef file in conjunction with LyX
2) 2nd suggested solution: try to use the .bib file generated by Zotero but
when you export this file from Zotero don't check the UTF8 option

As to the fact that sometimes the key of some records in the .bib file
generated by Zotero has 4 ? this is due to the fact that Zotero, when
exports records in the bibtex format, automatically creates the bibtex key
for each records following this convention:
lastname1stauthor_1stwordoftitle_publication year.
When the publication year field is empty, Zotero adds 4 ? at the end of the
bibtex key created as explained above.

Hope this can be useful.

Best wishes


2009/12/27 John Kane <jrkrid...@yahoo.ca>

> Sorry for the last part of the subject line but I am sure that there is
> some famous song (or something about a triple play. Perhaps I should have
> lunch.
> I have been having great fun using Zotero to grab a lot of references
> lately and wanted to use the results in a LyX file.  I selected a subset of
> references that I wanted to use and exported them to Bibtex.
> I do not seem to be able to get the exported Bibtex file to work.
> I can load it, select a citation and insert it.  However when I compile, I
> get (?) if using Natbib and Author Year or [?] if using default and
> plainnat.  I've fooled around with a couple of other settings (forgotten
> now) with the same results.
> I can remove the Bibtex file, add a new (home-grown ) file and everything
> works fine.
> The Bibtex file under Jabref looks reasonable but some of the keys look
> very strange in LyX itself.  I seem to be getting some files with ???? which
> may just mean that some of the pdf or web sites are not dated.
> My OS is MS XP Home and I am using LyX 1.6.5 with Jabref 2.5 as my Bibtex
> editor.
> I had a quick look at the Zotero forums with no luck and thought that I'd
> ask here first before learning how to navigate them.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks.
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