Update to my previous message about italics footnotes when exported to html with htlatex,.... (please see that message -- too much to re-quote here):

I've upgraded LyX to 1.6.5 (that's 1.6.7 to you Paul Sutton ;-) and TexShop to 2.29 and the problems mentioned persist.

jamie faunt
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Yes there is a way to get your html footnotes on the same page. If you're using htlatex / tex4ht the converter line for latex->html is:

htlatex $$i "xhtml,fn-in"

Took me ages to find that "fn-in" parameter. The documentation of htlatex is pretty cryptic. But it works if you don't mind...

The problem with it which I haven't been able to solve is that the footnotes come out in italics. :-( But at least they're on the same page.

To get rid of the italics edit the .css file and find the div.footnotes line and get rid of the "font-style: italic;"

If you don't mind that extra hassle the results are perfect.

Oddly, when htlatex is run (from the command line rather than from LyX-export) on the same latex file it does not add the italics to the footnotes but just nicely puts them in-line where they should be.

I've searched and searched every shred of documentation I could find to find a parameter that would put the footnotes in normal text. But apparently it's not in the htlatex utility itself but in something that happens with the LyX export.

Since the utility itself does not have this problem, it seems like a bug in the exporting in LyX. But I'm not reporting it as a bug yet because I'm using LyX 1.6.2. (Crossing my fingers that 1.6.5 doesn't continue the problem.)

The other html converter I've used with LyX is tth. It's very good. Does the footnotes as you'd expect. The problem with it though is it won't do tables of contents and will only work with encapsulated postscript graphic files. (.eps) -- no .png, .jpg or any others.

The other oddity which the author says is not needed is that it doesn't generate head and body tags unless you include a 'w1' parameter. But that solves it fine. The converter command line is:

tth -w1 $$i

(or omit the -w1 if you don't care about the head and body tags)

The documentation for tth is far easier. And the program is reliable if its short-comings don't affect you. There's a free version for non-commercial use.

Despite the cryptic documentation and a now deceased author, htlatex works great except for the italics with in-line footnotes -- which I've found is a LyX -- not htlatex problem.

If this has been fixed, or if there's a solution, I'd sure like to know.

I'd also need a way to add a body - margin line either in .css or the .html file without having to enter them manually. That may be too much to wish for. But if anyone knows how, I'd really appreciate knowing that too! (I know the syntax for both html and css -- just need to know if there's a way to generate one or the other with export.)

Anyway, I hope the above is helpful.

jamie faunt

Quoting "Yaron Y. Goland" <ya...@goland.org>:
The articles I create with LyX are destined for my blog and form a single piece of HTML. But when I export to HTML any footnotes I have get generated on a separate HTML page. Is there anyway to configure the HTML exporter so that it will generate the footnotes at the end of the main HTML page and then use anchors to navigate to them?
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