>>> I have tried to add a key-binding to the compiling-function (hope 
>>> this is the right word...I mean to complile my text to a pdf). I
>>> added the key-command in the preferences ("buffer-viev pdf
>>> When I enter the keybinding I get an error-message, in german:
>> You should have defined a File Format "PDF (xelatex)" with a certain 
>> short name like "pdf4" (as in http://wiki.lyx.org/LyX/XeTeX). If you 
>> also have defined a suitable converter, you should be able to preview

>> the file with the command "buffer-preview pdf4".
>i have defined the format, and in fact the name is pdf4, to which
>i linked the key-binding "buffer-viev pdf4". As converter I use
>"xelatex $$i" - is this okay/suitable?

I don't know.

>BTW: It is no problem to choose view>pdf4, this works fine...

If view->pdf4 works fine, I can't think of anything that may cause
"buffer-view pdf4" to fail.

PS. You can see the command in the statusbar of running View->pdf4.


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