Thanks Rob.  I remember looking at Mendeley just after installing Zotero and 
deciding not to try two at the same time.

I've installed Mendeley and it loads but I'm now getting the message:

"It appears that you have Qt installed on your system, but do not have
the sqlite plugin installed, which Mendeley requires. \
Please install the Qt4 sqlite plugin, in order to use Mendeley.
If you are using a Debian-based system, such as Ubuntu, this is the
 libqt4-sql-sqlite package, and can be installed with
command 'apt-get install libqt4-sql-sqlite'. Alternatively,
remove your system Qt libraries, and Mendeley will use bundled copies."

So now all I have to do if figue out if I do have Qt installed ( I find lots of 
Qt files in MikTex and Lyx so I must have it somewhere) and track down the 
SQlite plugin.  Closer all the time!

--- On Sun, 12/27/09, Rob Oakes <> wrote:

> From: Rob Oakes <>
> Subject: RE: Zotero to Bibtex to Lyx:  A Problem not a  baseball play
> To: "'John Kane'" <>
> Cc:
> Received: Sunday, December 27, 2009, 4:55 PM
> Hi John,
> By default, Zotero produces atrocious looking BibTeX. 
> By far the ugliest
> offenders, as you have noticed, are in the citation
> keys.  It uses weird
> character encodings (I'm frankly not even sure what they
> are), that can't be
> processed by LaTeX.  When these characters appear, the
> only way I've been
> able to get things to work is by manually redefining the
> citation keys.  Of
> course, this must be done after every export.  (A
> tremendous and
> non-productive pain.)
> The best solution I've found is to not use Zotero for
> BibTeX.  But since I
> love using Zotero to collect citations and references from
> the web, this
> poses a problem.
> Luckily, I've managed to rig an acceptable alternative
> using a reference
> manager called Mendeley as an intermediary.  You can
> configure Mendeley so
> that it will sync with the Zotero database.  Any
> updates to Zotero will
> automatically be reflected in Mendeley. 
> (Unfortunately, reverse sync is not
> supported, so changes made in Mendeley won't appear in
> Zotero.)
> Mendeley, unlike Zotero, can create clean BibTeX with
> custom citation keys.
> Therefore, while Zotero BibTeX won't work with LyX, I've
> had no problems
> with Mendeley BibTeX.  I've been using it for two
> papers and a book I'm
> working on.
> Another nice feature is the automatic creation of BibTeX
> database files.  If
> you set this up, then the creation of your BibTeX is
> completely automatic.
> Whenever you add a new citation to Zotero, it will show up
> in your BibTeX
> database automatically via Mendeley.
> I've been using Mendeley for a couple of months, and though
> it's still in
> beta it's pretty stable (or it has been since the
> update at least).
> There were a few problems specific to Ubuntu Linux, but
> those appear to have
> been sorted out.
> Additionally Mendeley makes it very easy to organize and
> sync your reference
> library to multiple machines.  Zotero can do something
> similar, but I've
> found Mendeley easier to use.
> You can find more information on their web site:
> Cheers,
> Rob Oakes

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