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Daniel Lohmann wrote:

The PGF/TikZ package contains a quite decent calendar library. Within
LyX you have to use ERT as it is a LaTeX package, but its relatively
easy to use.

Ok thanks

I have found http://www.texample.net/tikz/examples/ to give a few good
examples,  i have pgf installed but do I need to install TikZ as a
separate package, under ubuntu ?

or are they one package.

Hm... usually they are shipped as one package. However, historically PGF was first and previous versions of PGF were also shipped with latex-beamer (by the same author), so I am not completely sure.

Will have a read of the tutorial and information files.

TikZ comes with an impressive amount of documentation and examples; there are several calendar examples in pgfmanual.pdf.


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