Nick Gaens schreef:
Hello everyone,

I'm currently trying to "tex2lyx" the file instructions.tex, which can be found here:, but I'm having a hard time adding the files "acmtrans2m.cls" and "acmtrans.bst" to my Lyx installation folder.

I'm using Lyx1.6.5 on Windows XP. I also have a MikTeX2.7 directory.

So my question is: where to put the above mentioned .cls file? What about the .bst file?

Can someone give me a short set of instructions I need to execute in order to make this work?

Thanks in advance,


To add some additional information about the error I'm getting:

Error: Could not find layout file for textclass "acmtrans2m".
Error: Cannot convert file
An error occurred whilst running tex2lyx -f "instructions.tex" "instructions.lyx"

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