On 01/12/2010 08:59 PM, Zack Norwood wrote:
Hello Lyx users.  I'd like to format a paper I wrote in Lyx for an ASME
conference publication.  The ASME provides a latex template, so I'm trying
to use that template file in Lyx using Mac OSX 10.5 and Lyx version 1.6.5
with TexLive2009.  So far I have copied the provided asme2e.bib, asme2e.cls,
and asme2e.bst files to Library/texmf/tex/latex/asme in my local users home
directory.  I then ran a texhash from the admin account to include the latex
file.  So, my question is, it appears Lyx now requires a layout file.

Yes. There must be a layout file for any class file you want to use. Otherwise, LyX knows nothing about it.

Unfortunately, I have no experience writing these, and the asme2e.cls file
doesn't appear to have a base class, which makes this process difficult from
what I can tell reading part 5 of the Lyx Customization manual.

More difficult, yes.

So, does anyone have an existing asme2e.layout file or can you point me to 
that does...    or am I misunderstanding the apparent difficulty of writing
a layout file from scratch?  The relevant files for the template can be
found here: http://iel.ucdavis.edu/code/ASME/conf-1.7b.html

I had a quick look at this, and it seems to me that this is more or less a version of article.cls. So you might start by pretending that it does extend article.cls---copy article.layout, etc---and work from there. There will likely be some environments or commands you will want to add, but perhaps not many. The attempt to import with the new layout will tell you: You'll get unrecognized commands.


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