Dear Daniel, Liviu and Other LyX Users,

Daniel and Liviu, thank you very much for the recommendations and for the link. 
 I've been experimenting with the \afterpage package all morning, and I am very 
happy to report that it works famously.  I am able to exactly the type of 
behavior that I wanted by using the \afterpage{\clearpage LongTable} macro.

Because I've never been a huge fan of using ERT in LyX documents (at least no 
more than is necessary), I decided to create a custom inset that would 
automatically place long tables at the top of a new page, while maintaining the 
wrapping of the text.

The attached module is a first run at that inset.  I've been testing it on a 
couple of rather complicated documents, and it works exactly like I want it to. 
 I'm relatively sure that I'll come across bugs and other such stuff, so I'm 
sure that it will get posted to my website at some point.

I am forwarding it to the group in the hope that others will find it useful.


Rob Oakes

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On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 7:53 AM, Daniel Lohmann 
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> a clean solution might be possible using the afterpage package. 
> Basically it provides the \afterpage{<something>} command, which 
> causes the expansion of <something> to be postponed until LaTeX has 
> shipped out the current page. If you insert your long table this way, 
> it should (theoretically) appear on the beginning of the next page 
> without interrupting the flow of text on the current page.
It seems that this should be possible. This document [1] describes the usage.


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