I have been having problems with a report I'm working on currently. 

When I'm editing one of the files in the report, LyX freezes, and after 
several minutes it crashes with a cryptic error message "St9bad_alloc".

This occurs most frequently when I'm doing something with a figure float.  The 
most recent occurrence appeared to originate when I cut a figure float from 
one child document and pasted it into another. The problem appears to 
originate most commonly when I change the paragraph settings from the default 
left alignment to center.  It also happens much more commonly when I'm using 
US Letter page size than when using A4.  On the current document it happened 
from the first time when I changed page size from A4 to Letter.

I've found I can usually fix the problem once I identify which float is 
causing the error by simply opening the float and making a change in the 
settings.  Apparently any change works.

The report I'm working on is currently a master document with six child 
documents, using Report(komascript) class.  I changed from a single document 
to make it easier to locate the float causing this problem.  I'm using LyX 
1.6.4 running on 64-bit Gentoo Linux with texlive-2008-r4.

Has anyone else run across this problem?
Les Denham

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