2010/1/18 Uwe Stöhr <uwesto...@web.de>:
> Philip Stubbs schrieb:
>> \documentclass[draft,approved]{danrep}
>> \title{This is a test report title that I will make quite long.}
>> \repnum{10-00}
>> \author{Philip Stubbs}
>> \date{2010-01-12}
>> \begin{document}
> The next LyX version will support this structure, but why have you chosen to
> have the title before \begin{document}? I mean the article class have it
> behind \begin{document} and I cannot see the benefit of changing this.

There may well be no benefit at all. It is just the way it turned out.
I have been developing my class file for some time. It is more
recently that I decided to try and start using LyX. When I first
started using LaTeX, the hacking made the boring job of writing
reports more fun. Now I am more inclined to want to just do the
report, so I need to streamline the process, but there is no way I
could cope with going back to Word. :-)

Anyhow, since I can't be bothered to wait for version 2.0, I spent a
quick half hour redoing my class file. It looks like I am 95% there,
so will be able to start work on my LyX layout soon.

Thanks for the help.
Philip Stubbs

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