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>M-L wrote:
>> This in my preamble as per the template for that letter style [only
>> the number has changed]:
>> % vertical position of the address field
>> \...@addtoplength{toaddrvpos}{2mm}
>> What command do I add: 
>> * preceding that
>> * to that, or
>> * following that
>> To add a bit more space above the address?
>I'm not sure I understand your question. Doesn't
>changing the mentioned declaration (to e.g.
>\...@addtoplength{toaddrvpos}{22mm}) do what you want?

I must be on the wrong track then, and my apologies to Jean-Marie and

It is the "Sender Name" that has my name and address so obviously I am
looking at the wrong thing?

So renew my question:

Debian Testing [Squeeze] Using LyX Version 1.6.5

Letter [KOMA - Script-v.2]

Which of the commands below affect the "Sender Name" field

%% Here you can modify the layout of your letter
%% Have a look at the KOMA script documentation
%% for details. Most commands are commented out
%% here (i.e. we use default settings)

%% Load an *.lco style file (see KOMA documentation)

% vertical position of the address field
% space between ref line and letter text

%% Remove preceeding '%' to uncomment an item
,headsepline=false%            separate the header with a line on page
>1 ,footsepline=false%             separate the footer with a line on
>page >1
%pagenumber=botcenter%   position of the page number (see docu)
%,parskip=false%          Use indent instead of skip (more options cf.
docu) ,fromalign=left%        alignment of the address
,fromrule=aftername%    separate the address with a line?
,fromphone=false%         print sender phone number
%,fromfax=true%          print sender fax number
,fromemail=false%           print sender e-mail address
,fromurl=false%               print sender URL
%,fromlogo=true%         print a logo (position depends on fromalign)
%,addrfield=false%        print an address field?
%,backaddress=false%  print the back address?
%,subject=afteropening,titled% alternative subject layout and position
%,locfield=narrow%      width of the (extra) location field
,foldmarks=false%      print foldmarks?
%,numericaldate=true%  date layout
%,refline=wide%             layout of the refline

%% Customize Separators
%\setkomavar{placeseparator}{ -- }
%\setkomavar{backaddressseparator}{ $\cdot$ }
%\setkomavar{enclseparator}{ > }
%\setkomavar{faxseparator}{ --> }
%\setkomavar{phoneseparator}{ --> }
%\setkomavar{subjectseparator}{ >>> }

%% Customize fonts
%% Use LaTeX's standard font commands
%% Modify with \setkomafont or \addtokomafont
%% (see KOMA documentation)

Creating a larger space above the "Sender Name" does not work by using
->Document Settings->Page Margins

Apologies for any confusion. Thanks in advance,
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