On 2010-01-21, Marcelo Acuña wrote:
>>>  If I choose Times Roman for roman font, what
>>> font I must to choose for sans serif font If I want to
>>> obtain an aesthetically coherent aspect?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there is no "Times
Sans". It depends on what you are after.

The most used choice is a downscaled Helvetica. Although not necessarily
aesthetically pleasing, it will go almost unnoticed (like Times for
serif) because this is what people expect.

> I am using two columns in the book, therefore I am interested exactly
> in that: glyphs thinner with less space between.


The next thing to consider is, whether the sans serif should "match"
or "stand out". In the first case, a "semi-serif" (like Ivona) might be
advisable, in the latter a contrasting shape with maybe even different
grey value like Avant Gard (or the TeX Gyre variant Adventor).


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