On Jan 22, 2010, at 2:33 AM, David Múgica wrote:

> It´s easy change the color and font in a "marginnote", but i can´t in the 
> whole document.
> ¿How i can change the color in ALL the margin-side notes document?
> ¿And the family and sizes font?
> Thanks a lot.

I happen to use margin notes like that too. My approach is the following 
(colors are a matter of taste, of course...):

\onehalfspacing #1 \singlespacing}}}

This has to be entered in "LaTeX Preamble" under "Documents > Settings..."
You may still need to load 
if LyX doesn't do it automatically.
The \scriptsize command could be replaced by \footnotesize or \tiny. The 
setspace package allows you to make the margin note line spacing denser with 
\onehalfspacing, followed by \singlespacing (otherwise you get small font with 
unnaturally large line spacing).


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