On 23 January 2010 05:37, Richard Brown <rich...@guidedelearning.com> wrote:
> Hello again.
> Is it possible to edit the contents of \leftmark so that they contain
> the chapter name but not the chapter number, and of \rightmark so that
> the inverse is true?
> Or would there be a better solution to my issue, which is how to print
> (in the header on my Komascript bnook class doc) Chapter 6 on left pages
> and  Name of the chapter on right pages.
> As always, TIA
> Richard

You can control the headings by using package fancyhdr.
You need to set your heading style to "fancy" (Documents>Settings>Page
Layout -- change heading style to "fancy").
the commands then should be defined in LateX preamble. Perhaps you
need to read fancyhdr manual.


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