> >>>  If I choose Times Roman for roman font,
> what font I must to choose for sans serif font If I
> want to obtain an aesthetically coherent aspect?
> ...
> There is no definitive answer to this question, as there is
> no "Times Sans". It depends on what you are after.
> The most used choice is a downscaled Helvetica. Although
> not necessarily
> aesthetically pleasing, it will go almost unnoticed (like
> Times for serif) because this is what people expect.
> > I am using two columns in the book, therefore I am
> interested exactly
> > in that: glyphs thinner with less space between.
> OK. 
> The next thing to consider is, whether the sans serif
> should "match"
> or "stand out". In the first case, a "semi-serif" (like
> Ivona) might be
> advisable, in the latter a contrasting shape with maybe
> even different
> grey value like Avant Gard (or the TeX Gyre variant
> Adventor).

Thanks Guenter, but, lamentably for me, to include fonts to the Lyx is an 
unattainable art.

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