> Thanks for the reply, Waluyo. I had managed to do this: but
> I am unable
> to put more than one line before the title without getting
> a compile
> error (No title found).
> what I can't do, is to put several (in fact 5) pages before
> my title-
> which is a requirement I have. Some of these pages are
> blank, and some
> contain things like cataloguing, keywords and copyright
> information that
> I am required to put there. However- and this is my
> problem- all must be
> contained in the page count, and all must come before the
> title page.

I decided to do aside all regarding the pages of the title in a file.
 This one has in the preamble:

Of that way I can do what wants. Then, I export this to Latex. In the main file 
I include that file. 

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