> Three simple steps:
> * Open the document in LyX and set
> Document>Settings>Fonts to [Default].
> * find a font in the font catalogue (http://www.tug.dk/FontCatalogue/)
> * Copy the Usage line(s) to Document>Settings>LaTeX
> preamble
> This assumes that the font in question is installed in your
> system.
> Installing LaTeX fonts might be simple or not, depending on
> your LaTeX
> distribution and the particular font. 
> (Ask again, if necessary, giving OS, LaTeX disto and
> font.)
Thanks Günter.
I have Debian Lenny with Tex-Live.
I chose Libertine.
I download the zip file from CTAN and put files in dir tree and run texhash.
I put in preamble the Usage lines.
I get a blank document with pdflatex.
With DVI I get a document without accented letters and several problems. (It 
shines quite ugly.)


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