Am 31.01.2010 19:48, schrieb Arik Raffael Funke:

However, when I try to activate the hyperref option in the document
setting I get the error message below. - It stumbles over a section
definition line. The error seems to be repeated for any "heading"
definition that would appear in the TOC.

...}State of the art}{\re...@font\mtcsfont 3}}

I've run across a `}' that doesn't seem to match anything.

LaTeX tells you that you have a closing brace that doesn't match an opening brace. To fix the problem, have a look at your document preamble and TeX-code insets that there is no superfluous "}".

If you cannot find it, provide a _small_ LyX example file and I'll have a look.

regards Uwe

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