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Am 31.01.2010 23:15, schrieb Marcelo Acuña:

I need to make many changes in the size of the letters, and also to put bold or normal, in texts in which I must emphasize certain parts. It would help me much to have buttons such as those of emphasized and noum.
  How I can add them to the tool bar?

Toggling bold can be done withe the shortcut "Ctrl+B". The toolbar button named "Font" (with the small arrow below) can be used to apply changes multiple times. It takes the last settings of the text style dialog. So when you e.g. have to make 50 words bold, italic, green, highlight one word and use the text style dialog to apply the changes.l For all further words, highlight them and press the "Font" button.

In case this method is not what you need, you can add toolbar buttons by creating PNG-images (size 24x24 Pixels or smaller).

Hi Uwe,

I think LyX images need to be 20x20, at least on Windows with your version, or the result is ugly. I'd love it if LyX used same size as original Tango icons (22x22), I wouldn't have had to spend so many hours shrinking these icons pixel-per-pixel from 22 to 20.

I think in the case of the "bold" function, there is already (at least in your installer) an icon for it : "font-bold.png"

Name the image by the LyX-function it stands for (e.g. "font-bold.png"). In the text file "stdtoolbars.inc" add the toolbar button where you like it.
Finally reconfigure LyX.

In other words, Marcelo should add the following line
                Item "Toggle bold" "font-bold"

in the file "stdtoolbars.inc", precisely in the part where the following lines are:
                Item "Toggle emphasis" "font-emph"
                Item "Toggle noun" "font-noun"
                Item "Apply last" "textstyle-apply"

The best would be to copy the original "stdtoolbars.inc" from the system folder (1) to the user LyX "ui" folder (2) and work on the copy.
More details being given in:

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(1) http://wiki.lyx.org/LyX/SystemDir
(2) http://wiki.lyx.org/LyX/UserDir

regards Uwe

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