I am using Lyx 1.6.5 on Linux and want to apply, to some text, a character
attribute that is variously referred to as "character spacing",
"intercharacter spacing", "inter-character spacing", or merely "spacing",
and possibly other names as well. When used on pairs of characters,
it is also referred to as "kerning". This attribute is widely used in
and is available in both Microsoft Word and in OpenOffice.org Writer.
When applied to some text, for example "test text", it could spread the
text out like this "t e s t   t e x t". Of course this effect can be imitated
as I did here, by inserting spaces between the letters. But doing this
changes the text. That is, instead of "test text", it would then become
I find this unacceptable. I have searched in the user interface and the
manual, and cannot find any information about this.
A few cryptic posts I have read refer to a package called "soul", but it
does not come up when I query for "lyx" in the package manager
(using Fedora 11). I have also heard suggestions about writing a Latex
script or something like that.
Does anyone know whether this feature is supported and how to apply
this attribute to text?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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